Die Mommie, Die! at CTG's Block Party

     "The original design team from the Celebration — scenic designer Pete Hickok, lighting designer Matthew Brian Denman and sound designer Rebecca Kessin — deliver superb results onstage."

          F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, directed by Jassica Hanna, Celebration Theatre, February 2018

     "Brandon Baruch’s lighting and Rebecca Kessin’s sound carry the day."

          Elaine Mura, Splash Magazine

     "...thanks to Rebecca Kessin for great sound."

          Don Grigware, Grigware Reviews


This Land, directed by Armando Molina, Company of Angels, October 2017

   "Armando Molina fills the role of director with skill and vigor in keeping the action moving well and cleanly.  Justin Huen’s set and lighting design in partnership with Rebecca Kessin’s sound score and Benjamin Durham’s video design delineate the shifting periods with panache."   

            Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution

    "Not to be overlooked either is Rebecca Kessin’s dexterous Sound-design, which incorporates numerous ‘sync-sound’ effects throughout the on-stage goings-on, all of which also add much to helping create the overall atmosphere presented.
            Leo Buck, Bucking Trends


Die, Mommie, Die!, directed by Ryan Bergmann, Celebration Theatre, February 2017

     "Production design is Grade-A groovy all the way—Pete Hickok’s elegant-kitchy Hollywood mansion, Allison Dillard’s built-from-scratch ‘60s garb (with special snaps to Angela’s one-of-a-kind frocks), Michael O’Hara’s spot-on period props, and above all Matthew Brian Denman’s psychedelicious lighting and Rebecca Kessin’s ‘60s-sational sound design, lending musical punch to frequent freeze-frames and thunder-clap whacks to equally frequent slaps."
              Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Dream Boy, directed by Michael Matthews, Celebration Theatre, January 2016

      "Tim Swiss’ moody lighting and Rebecca Kessin’s perfectly modulated soundscape work together to enhance the plot’s tension and its subtle sense of foreboding moving inexorably towards tragedy. "
              Michael Van Duzer,

     "The collaboration of Tim Swiss and Rebecca Kessin works extremely well in making the story feel both expansive and intimate as needed for the tale to unfold."
              Michelle Clay, Splash Magazine


If You Can Get to Buffalo, directed by Edgar Landa, Son of Semele Ensemble, March 2015
     “Rebecca Kessin’s sound design keeps us aurally in the world of clicks and beeps — yet transports us into the beauty of the make-believe in Starsinger’s climactic song.”
                Theatre Ghost

The Why, directed by Daniel Henning, The Blank Theatre, September 2014
        “Rebecca Kessin's sound design that often fills the darkness with horrors no one should ever have to experience.”
                Shari Barett, Broadway World

        “Rebecca Kessin’s inventive sound design upping the tension every step of the way.”
                Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA


Peter Pan, The Boy Who Hated Mothers, directed by Michael Matthews, The Blank Theatre, April 2013
        “Rebecca Kessin’s atmospheric aural effects conspire to transport you to a dark, gritty Neverland you’ve never seen before.”
                Kurt Gardner, Theatre Review LA



Stage Scene LA Award, Outstanding Sound Design
     On Golden Pond, The Colony Theatre, director Cameron Watson, 2011
     Gypsy, West Coast Ensemble, director Richard Israel, 2011

Ventura County Four Star Award
     The Miracle Worker, High Street Arts Center, director Rachel Manheimer, 2009

Stage Scene LA Award, Best Production Design
     Peter Pan – The Boy Who Hated Mothers, The Blank, director Michael Matthews, 2013

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award (Nomination)
     Dream Boy, Celebration Theatre, director Michael Matthews, 2017

Broadway World Los Angeles, Best Sound Design (Nomination)
    Niagara Falls, Theatre of NOTE, director Ryan Bergman, 2015

Ticketholder Award (Nomination)
     Peter Pan – The Boy Who Hated Mothers, The Blank, director Michael Matthews, 2013

Garland Award (Nomination)
     Stranger, Bootleg Theatre, director Keythe Farley, 2010

Garland Award (Nomination)
     Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Havok Theatre Company, director Nick DeGruccio, 2008