This board, you may say, is a tree, this muslin is a wall and that spotlight the tropical sunlight - and the public will imagine it. But a dog’s bark must sound like a dog’s bark, and a train like a train.
— Throckmorton's 'Catalog of Theatre' 1937

Rebecca Kessin is a sound designer working in Los Angeles and regionally since 2006. 


“The piece, which questions on a cosmic level our artificial divide between the animate and the inanimate, has the appealing, droll humor and structural unity of a David Sedaris story.” —LA Weekly


   Created and performed by Marsian De Lellis and developed with director Michele Spears, Object of Her Affection is an unconventional love story that follows the emotional journey of one Andrea Lowe, after she has fallen, mysteriously, from a building. De Lellis endearingly demonstrates their artistic passion for animating the inanimate, as they craft the story of a heroine whose Object Sexuality reveals the way that objects quietly hold multiple personalities, and sometimes multiple hearts.

From her first love—a baby’s blanket—to adolescent dalliances with a bad-boy hunting rifle, Object of Her Affection tackles Andrea’s romantic evolutions, including big-time infatuations with high-profile structures like the Berlin Wall and Golden Gate Bridge. With great care and warm humor, De Lellis complicates notions of sexual identity, while exploring the synesthetic relationship between objects and humans.

Object of Her Affection was made possible through generous funding from The Jim Henson FoundationThe Center for Cultural Innovation, a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency GrantThe Anna Sosenko Assist TrustHatchfund, and Kickstarter with additional support from The Automata Residency Program, the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, REDCAT, Impro Theatre, Harvard Westlake School, and Los Angeles Performance Practice.